Accounting for M&As

Here’s an overview of M&A accounting rules to help minimize the guesswork (and rework) related to purchase price allocations.

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Federal Tax News for Individuals

1. Making Cash Gifts in 2023 and 2024 2. How Life Affects Taxes 3. Last Chance to Minimize Your 2023 Tax Bill 4. Appointing Someone to Handle Your Tax Matters 5. 2024 Social Security Figures

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FAQs About Self Employment Tax

Self-employment (SE) tax can be a major expense for small business owners — and many self-employed individuals are blindsided by this tax when they file their first tax return with SE income. This article provides answers to questions you may have regarding SE tax, including how much it is, who owes it, whether it's deductible, how to pay it and more.

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Update on New Retirement Account Catch-Up Contribution Rules

Catch-up contributions allow people age 50 and older to turbo-charge their retirement savings. Account holders should be aware that recent legislation has changed the federal income tax rules for making catch-up contributions to employer-sponsored retirement plans. The good news is that the changes won't go into effect until January 1, 2026. Here are the details.

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Federal Tax News for Businesses

1. Give Your New Business a Strong Start 2. A Business Emergency Plan is Critical 3. Handling Cash Payments over $10,000 4. Missing and Incorrect Taxpayer ID Numbers 5. Take Payroll Responsibilities Seriously!

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