Client Portal FAQ

Client Portal Login

Login Information and Password Requirements

  • Password must be at least seven (7) characters long and must include letters AND numbers. You can also use symbols (e.g. @#$%^&).
  • Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE.
  • For security purposes, passwords are required to change every 90 days.
  • Passwords cannot be reused for 9 cycles.
  • If you forget your password and have one failed login attempt, a “Forgot Password Link” will appear under the Login box. Click that link and instructions will be mailed to you. We recommend using this before you reach ten (10) attempts.
  • You will have ten (10) tries to login to your account, after that, the account is locked. An email message will be sent to the email address assigned to the login to notify you of the unsuccessful attempts and provide a link to unlock the login. The account is unlocked when the user clicks the link within the email message or when the lock expires after 30 minutes.

Navigation Features

My Account - Allows a user to view and update their Login, Name, Email Address and Password.
Sign Out - Allows a user to sign out and end their session of using the HK Client Portal.
Help Menu - Provides a menu of help topics for using HK Client Portal and Client Flow.
Dashboard - Allows a user to view all applications they have access to in the HK Client Portal.
Document Management - Allows a user to view all Document Management applications they have access to in the HK Client Portal.
Home - Allows a user to return back to the Home view of the Dashboard to view all applications.
Document Index Value Columns - Allows a user to view the index values given to each document.

  • Each column can be moved by clicking and dragging it to a new location and each column can be resized by clicking and dragging its border.
  • Documents are sorted alphabetically by File Section.

Document List Page Navigation Buttons - Allows a user to navigate between multiple pages of documents by going to the First Page, Previous Page, Next Page or Last Page.
Refresh Document List Button - Allows a user to refresh the list of documents viewable on the page.
Document List Page Display - Allows a user to navigate to a specific page number.
Document Display Drop-Down - Allows a user to select how many documents they can view on a page.
Home/Up - Allows a user to return back to the list of Client Names and Client Numbers for which you can see published documents.
Upload - Allows a user to upload a document to ClientFlow.

Document Information

  • To view a document, you must have the appropriate software application to open and view. For example, if a document is an Excel file, then you must have Excel installed on your computer to open and view.
  • Documents opened in the HK Client Portal are READ-ONLY and cannot be edited and saved back to the portal.
  • To edit a document, save a copy to your local drive (File/ Save As), edit as necessary, resave and then upload back to the HK Client Portal.
  • To upload a document, select your name from the list and click Upload.
  • To search for a document you want to upload, click the Browse button.
  • You have 225 characters of text to describe the document you want to upload.
  • Any type of document or file can be uploaded with the HK Client Portal and viewed in its native format EXCEPT for TIFF files.
  • TIFF files will be converted and viewed as PDF files.
  • Approximately 400 MB is the maximum file size that can be uploaded to the HK Client Portal at one time.
  • A HK Client Portal session may time-out if your Internet connection is not fast enough to completely upload the document(s) within 3 hours. We recommend using a DSL connection or higher.
  • Individual documents or files can be uploaded to the HK Client Portal one at a time. Multiple documents/files may be uploaded one at a time if they are located in a single folder.
  • The firm MAY NOT be automatically notified when a user uploads a document to the HK Client Portal. Please contact to let us know the documents have been uploaded.