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Tax Cuts & Jobs Act- Meals and Entertainment- Sandra Orcutt, EA Supervisor

Businesses and employers need to take note of the new rules as they plan their 2018 meals and entertainment budgets.

The deduction for business-related entertainment is repealed which means you cannot deduct these expenses for 2018. Businesses can still generally deduct 50% of the cost of qualified meals. In 2017, taxpayers could deduct 50% of business-related meals and entertainment.

Under the new law, deductions for business-related entertainment expenses are disallowed. Meal expenses incurred while traveling on business are still 50% deductible, but the 50% disallowance rule will now also apply to meals provided via an on-premises cafeteria or otherwise on the employer’s premises for the convenience of the employer. After 2025, the cost of meals provided will be non-deductible.

For examples of the new Meals and Entertainment changes mentioned above, please view the video. If you have any questions or need any additional tax planning, we here at Hall, Kistler would be happy to help. Please give us a call at 330-453-7633 or click on my name above for assistance.

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