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QuickBooks® provides an all-in-one solution that helps some small and medium-sized businesses manage their finances. While QuickBooks provides the accounting backbone for many companies, it has advanced features that go beyond basic bookkeeping tasks.

For example, the time-tracking functionality in QuickBooks captures the hours spent on a specific project and makes it easier to bill clients in real-time. Additionally, third-party data feeds and integrations can reduce your administrative burden.

Here’s an overview of the platform’s lesser-known capabilities:

Mobile app. You can download an app for smartphones and tablets to access your financial data anywhere, anytime. This feature allows you to track your business finances in real-time and quickly pivot as needed.

Reminders and alerts. You can set up automatic reminders for recurring bills and alerts that tell you when cash balances fall below a specific threshold or inventory levels are nearing the reorder point.

Profitability reporting. The software can help you determine profitability by tracking project-related time, expenses and revenue. This makes it easier to bill customers quickly and accurately.

Customer and vendor tracking. You can store customer and vendor information, including contact information, transaction and payment history, and notes.

Customized invoicing. Custom invoices can be created with your logo. The software can also facilitate customer payments with credit cards, the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and online payment platforms, such as PayPal or Venmo.

Purchase and sales order management. Built-in purchase and sales order management systems allow you to track incoming orders and outgoing shipments more effectively.

Bank and credit card data feeds. You can import transactions from bank accounts and credit cards, then classify each transaction within your accounting records. Additionally, you can enable system-generated classifications for recurring transactions or create rules manually.

Payroll administration. Users can administer payroll data within QuickBooks, making it easier to manage payroll processes on one platform and comply with tax laws.

Third-party integrations. Many third-party applications — including payment processors, payroll systems and e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon Business, PayPal, Square, and Shopify — work with QuickBooks.

We can help

If you understand QuickBooks’ full functionality, it can streamline your accounting processes, improve the accuracy and timeliness of your reporting, and make it easier to do business with your company. It can also facilitate communications between in-house and external accountants. In addition to providing your CPA with direct online access to your organization’s books, QuickBooks allows your accountant to send requests for information and documents through the platform. Contact us at 330-453-7633 or CAS@hallkistler.com with any additional questions you have about QuickBooks and other accounting software solutions.

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