Recent Tax Court Cases of Interest to Businesses

1. Court Determines that an Activity Was Engaged in for Profit 2. Nursing Services Company Loses in Court 3. Accounting Method of a Retirement Community Is Upheld in Court 4. Bookkeeper Must Pay Penalty After He's Found to Be a Responsible Person

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Due Diligence Considerations When Selling a Business

If you're thinking about selling your business, you'll need to consider the buyer's perspective to help close the deal. Taxes are an important issue in negotiating the terms of the deal, and the buyer's tax objectives may conflict with yours. Here's an overview of the due diligence considerations from both parties' perspectives.

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Unlock 8 Tax Breaks for Home Ownership

Home ownership can be a financially rewarding investment, especially when you factor in the potential tax savings opportunities. This article summarizes various federal tax breaks that sweeten the deal for homeowners today, including the home sale gain exclusion, itemized deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes, credits for certain "green" home improvements and more.

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