Now hiring: 10 questions to ask bookkeeper candidates

Are you looking for someone to manage the books and records for your small business? Whether you’re operating a startup or an established business that recently lost its bookkeeper, hiring the right person for these tasks can be challenging. Selecting […]

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FAQs about QuickBooks

What software does your organization use for its accounting needs? Here are answers to frequently asked questions about one of the most popular options: QuickBooks.

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Auditing accounting estimates

Auditors are skeptical of accounting estimates. Here’s what they’re looking for and why, in recent years, they’ve upped the ante on audit procedures related to estimates and the use of specialists.

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New report shows a decrease in CAMs in 2022

Auditors of public companies started reporting critical audit matters (CAMs) in their audit opinions in 2019. This represents a major change to the pass-fail auditors’ reports that had been in place for decades. CAMs relate to accounts or disclosures that are material to a company’s financial statements and involve especially difficult judgment from auditors. A recent post-implementation review of the CAM rules reveals that the average number of CAMs has declined over time. However, stakeholders find them beneficial. In fact, 80% of investors who read CAMs use them to identify key financial reporting risks, but many want more specific language for CAMs.

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