9 Questions You Should Be Asking About Business Valuations

Insights on Business Valuations from a Licensed CVA

Having a business valuation prepared for your company is an exciting and intimidating time. Regardless of what prompted the valuation process, you'll be eager to know what the business is worth and how it impacts future business decisions.

Here you can glean some insights from an experienced CVA at Hall, Kistler & Company via nine common questions business owners have (or should be asking) about valuations.

  • What is a business valuation?
  • What events generally trigger a business valuation?
  • What is discounting and how will that affect the valuation
  • Why is my valuation higher or lower than expected?
  • What documents are needed to perform a valuation?
  • What are the different approaches to business valuations?
  • What adjustments can be anticipated?
  • Can I do my own valuation?
  • How should I prepare for a valuation?

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