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2012 Online Charitable Registration

  1. The Ohio Attorney General's office has a new online charitable registration system that was launched on December 1st and is effective for any year end after November 30, 2011. This new system affects groups required to file under the Ohio Charitable Trust Act, which is outlined in the Ohio Revised Code Section 109.23-.33, and the Ohio Charitable Organizations Act, ORC 1716.

    Upon registering with this new system, charities will receive:

    • E-mail notification of filing deadlines
    • Changes in organizational information
    • Invoice for fees due
    • Confirmations of filings

    Among other improvements, this system will replace paper filing of Ohio's Verification of Filing with the IRS (Form VFIRS). The public will be able to check the Attorney General's website to verify if charitable organizations are in compliance with Ohio registration requirements, which will aid prospective donors in determining which charities to support.

    The Ohio Attorney General's office encourages each organization to have multiple recipients signed up to receive important email notifications. If you would like to continue having Hall, Kistler & Company file your annual report, please contact us.

    For additional information, go to the Ohio Attorney General's website: The Charitable Registration Tool Tips has useful tips on the information that will be needed to complete the registration.

    Please call us at 330-453-7633 if you have any questions or concerns.

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